Agile Conference tokyo 2013


"Agile Conference Tokyo 2013" is going to by held very soon.

We are going to hold the "Agile Conference Tokyo 2013" again!Because of every year favorable reviews this event come to the 5th year!
Recently, the number of big companies implementing agile development is increasing, at the same time, the agile development spans more widesly, the newest agile develpement process is getting more attention.

Therefore the topic of this year we selected is "From software development to business total management" TMS and KANBAN, providing the newest contents about agile development.
Likewise the previous years, the keynote speech is going to be presented by the ThoughtWorks company. As the main speaker, Kraig T. Parkinson, who has 18 years of experience in the I.T business , will speak about "how KANBAN can be applied in different companies giving more efficiency in their business."

In the special session, you can hear about the Total Management System(TMS) which is a variant of Toyota Production System(TPS),aimed to white-collar(clerical job).In other sessions you can also hear about development case studies, the agile proficiency test session, and many other contents, so please do not miss this opportunity.

A lottery is provided with attractive presents.
Early registrations are recommended.

ThoughtWorks Inc.(

ThoughtWorks Inc. is a leading company in System Integration and Consultation utilizing "Agile" technologies. Martin Fowler is CTO of the company, and he and the company are very famous in the contribution to "Agile" community.

Books by ThoughtWorks people
Analysis Patterns: Reusable Object Models』(Addison-Wesley Object Technology Series)
UML Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Standard Object Modeling Language』(Addison-Wesley Object Technology Series)
Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code』(Addison-Wesley Object Technology Series)
Planning Extreme Programming』(XP Series)
Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture』(Addison-Wesley Signature Series (Fowler))
The ThoughtWorks Anthology: Essays on Software Technology and Innovation』(Pragmatic Programmers)

Twitter hashtag for the event is #agiletokyo


Thank you for many applicants.






Le Minh (Technologic Arts Incorporated)

[Keynote Speech(70 minutes)]"Strategic KANBAN: Enabling Complex Delivery in the Modern Enterprise"

As customer demands grow more complex to fulfill, enterprises need to be able to explore new value propositions quickly and easily. Leaders of modern firms taking on this challenge need to know how to organize for agility and pivot quickly based on real world feedback. During this session, we will look at how kanban can be applied across the enterprise, from delivering concrete business solutions to exploring new customer opportunities and managing the development of market offerings throughout their business lifecycle. Drawing on concepts from the Toyota Management System and Lean Startup to Service Design Thinking and Continuous Delivery, we will discover how to lead businesses effectively through dynamic market environments.

Kraig T.Parkinson(ThoughtWorks Inc. Principal Consultant)

Break(10 minutes)


[Session 1(40 minutes)] Intoroducing Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) which provides to-be model of agile companies

In a unit of team performing agile development, scram is spreaded but meanwhile, planning of products ,management of a big project, roles of managers, and other activites which tradictional methods has focused on can not be covered only with scrum.
In this session, I will describe overview of Scaled Agile Framework,which focuses on activities and roles of enterprise wides software develompent rather than in teams.

Taku Fujii(OGIS-RI Co.,Ltd.)

Break(10 minutes)


[Session 2(40 minutes)] Scrum and quality (Session sponsored by Microsoft Japan - from lessons of agile fields in Japan)

The past 3 times we provided Microsoft cases studies and agile solutions. From last year, we are focusing the people who are practicing agile methods in Japan. From users perspective, we are talking what we have learned in agile cases studies.
Development processes described on the books or decided in organizations are designed but not possible to execute. Any development contexts are different depending on team members, target system, customers, period of development, and so on. So development processes are always created and executed they executed at the same time of ongoing development.
This is also true in Scrum. Scrum defines the minimus framework but, as literally says, it is the framework for software development to go forward. It is up to indivisual team thinking how the contend of this framework can be implemented, and actually performing.
In the session, ”Quality" is the key-word for Scrum framework to be executable in practice. We will show how to implement them with real examples.

Yasuo Hosotani(Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)

Lunch break(65 minutes)


[Special Session (40 minutes)]Kanban operation in enterprise scales

In the past years, forward-thinking companies in America and Europe, not in Japan, are incresing the desire to learn about the TPS(Toyota Production System) and TMS(Total Management System). In fact, there are some companies doing a cram school operation to try brewing the company culture on their own. Many practices have been used since agile methods were borned at more than 10 years ago. However, almost every each technique cannot be evolved drastically.In this session, we are going to speak about what become the point of origin of the agile technique(TPS/TMS), which essencially strengthen the management ability, at the same time , we are going to speak about the KANBAN, based on one pratice of TPS. We provide some example and show how enterprise can implement the KANBAN.

Takagi Toru(Toyota management training institute Incorporated )
Mitsui Nobuyuki(Strategic Staff Service Corporation)

Break(10 minutes)


[Session 3(40 minutes)] A platform for large scale and distributed agile delivery

The majority of IBM software products are now developed with agile development. Development of large products require hundreds of developers distributed in many sites to collaborate. Agile development therefore needs to support large scale distributed development in our environment. To that end, IBM Rational created a development platform that supports information tracerability and transparency, integration of tools, collaboration of different roles of users, and global scalability. The talk will explain the platfrom with emphasis on key ideas, i.e., OSLC, Jazz and CLM. We will also discuss the recent trend of faster software delivery and growing interest on DevOps. We will explain IBM Rational's view on DevOps and the work of expanding the scope of the platform to address DevOps.

Tsutomu Kamimura(IBM Japan, Ltd.)

Break(15 minutes)


[Session 4(40 minutes)] Coming soon...

Yoshiyuki Oikawa( Incorporated)
Jouji Hori(Shanon Incorporated)

Break(10 minutes)


[Session 5(40 minutes)] Failure and Success from real cases examples (Who never wanted to use agile again will speak about the success point)

Hitachi Solution has been working with agile process for more than 10 years, but it is not true we succeeded in all projects.
In the beginning, we tried to apply scrum and XP in the same way we had learned, and we felt the limit where we can apply in our projects. In a large scale of user aplication development in Japan which is the target of our company, there is its own characteristic and sometimes we gave up to apply agile. Now, we have learned some Know-how, adapting the project attribution, we are choosing what phases or parcites to be agile, this is the method we are taking.
In the fisrt half of the session, we will present the Hitachi Solutions agile application way of thinking and examples of agiles failures and successes.
In the second half, a person who has experiences of failure and successes , will tell the mainly 4 management points(Quality, Cost, Delivery/Time and Scope to embrace change). They are essential points for agile projects to succeed.

Tsuguteru Hiraoka(Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.)
Kenji Naka(Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.)

[Session 6(25 minutes)] About Agile Proficiency Test

Koichiro Toda(Strategic Staff Service Corporation)


Jonathan Bardin (Technologic Arts Vietnam Incorporated)


※The schedules can be changed without any advanced notice.


Kraig T.Parkinson
Kraig T.Parkinson

Kraig serves ThoughtWorks as a Principal Consultant with over eighteen years of experience in Information Technology. He’s worked with clients in a multitude of industries to drive strategic innovation in complex market and organizational environments. Kraig regularly provides guidance and implementation support with respect to business & technology strategy, organizational design & development, Lean management practice, and product & service design. He has worked effectively with small and large teams around the world, using complex facilitation techniques as well as visual problem solving and decision-making methods to engage people in driving material change.

Toru Takagi
Gary O'Brien氏

Vice-President of Toyota Management Intitute Incorporated
From the time he was in Fujitsu he has worked for Toyota Motors Corporation in the e-TOYOTA department, he put in practice in the field the TPS on his own.Later he came back to Fujitsu, he had been promoted to production innovation chief department of the head office of Fujitsu Limited , and as chief department of autonomy improvement promote project, he makes a great effort in the autonomy organization improvement in Fujitsu Limited. After, he has been nominated as Vice-President of Toyota Management Institute.
He is supporting the popularization and implementation of TPS/TMS, not only in Japan but also in foreign coutries. In foreign coutries,he is leading not only with IT companies but airplanes makers too. Association commissioner of TPS examination(TMS examination developmente committee member)

Nobuyuki Mitsui
Tomohiro Fujii

Director of Strategic Staff Services Corporation
In Software development companies, User companies, and foreign software development companies, he has gained experience of many system developments, project administration, and supporting on implementation of development enviroment.
From april 2008, he has joined Strategic Staff Services Corporation as a director. In the same period, in the Institute of Building SOA Components and Assembly in Distributed Development Environment at Softopia he is supporting the practice and implentation of agile method in enterprise system development.
Now, he adapts Toyota TPS/TMS "Just in Time" and "Persistent improve" for system development and project administration. He promotes "collaborative software development among various roles" , introducing annd supporting human development organization management and administration in many companies and organization essencially in Japan.

Taku Fujii
Taku Fujii

OGIS-RI Co.,Ltd. Engineering Department Agile development Center
Since 2003, he has been researching about agile development methods and project measures, and engaging with these projects appliaction support.
Certificated Scrum Master, Doctor(Information Science)

Hosotani Yasuo
細谷 泰夫氏

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Telecommunication Equipment Factory
He has experience of communication system software development. Since 2003, he has been working with agile development. He is interested in review and software test, and joining and running some communities.
・TFSUG (Team Foundation Server Users Group) Staff
・Agile Process Conference Test・Review WG leader
・Agile Tour Osaka Organizer

Tsutomu Kamimura
Tsutomu Kamimura氏

Rational CTO for Asia Pacific
Since joining IBM in 1986, he has worked in software development technology area with experience in research, product development and global strategy work in US. He managed a development group of Rational team from 2003 to 2007. He is currently Rational CTO for Asia Pacific. In that role, he communcates Rational strategy and product plans with customers in the region for feedback to improve business and technology success of the Rational brand.

Tsuguteru Hiraoka

Hitachi Solution super upper process engineering center Lead Engineer
Since he joined the company, he has been engaged with the upgrade and diffusion of development technique of the company. Especially in recent years, he focuses on super upper process.
From 2012, he started to utilize agile processes to launch new bussiness and define requirements, as one effective way.
He is improving the guide line of agile process practices and supporting the projects to implement and perform agile processes in the company.

Kenji Naka
Kenji Naka

Hitachi Solution Social System Second Head Quarter Group Manager
After shrink wrap product development, since 2009 he has been working for "enterprise system development":aplication infrastructure, development process improvement and standardization.
As for agile process, he has experience of a facilitator and an IT architect, and now he is in charge of educating agile masters in the company.

Minh Le
Minh Le

VP of Marketing, Technologic Arts
1998 -- Graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.
2004-2008-- Competed on the Japan professional tennis circuit. Major accolades are two time winner of All Japan National Championships.
2008 -- Appointed Manager of the Offshore Software Development Division for NISP Corp. in Hanoi, Vietnam.
2012 -- Appointed VP of Marketing, Technologic Arts.

Jonathan Bardin
Minh Le

CTO, Techonologic Arts Vietnam Incorporated
Graduated in Université Joseph Fourier and 5 years of experience in software engineer and PhD acquired. While in the university, have a experience in visiting scholar in the University of California Riverside and National Institute of Informatics(NII-Tokyo).
2012-2013--As software engineer in Floraris, he worked in the OpenThe Box and AppsGate projects, both funded by the french government.Both project are based on OSGi. 2013--Appointed CTO of Techonologic Arts Vietnam Incorporated